Who We Are

US&A is a research driven design consultancy that uses the tools of the free market to meet the public’s dire social needs. We’re kind of like the life hackers of capitalism.

What We Do

US&A designs products and campaigns that help organizations build measurable and significant social improvement while increasing profit and consumer loyalty.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to create a mutually beneficial coalition between the public and for-profits, one that gives individuals agency over their own wealth, health, and influence.








Our Team

On our team we have a neuroscientist turned design strategist, a recruiter by day and community organizer by night, a systems engineer and graphic designer, and a middle-eastern diplomacy expert/ businesswoman, all of whom are under thirty-five. However, It is not our degrees and work experience that makes us different as a group.

What makes us different is our belief that those experiencing a problem should lead the conversation on how we solve it and get compensated for doing so. This means our process is one of listening, of calling each other out when our creative egos contradict what we are told, and of collective action and solidarity, never charity

Why Now?

“Consumers don’t want to see commercials where protesters hold inoffensive signs reading, ‘Let’s have a conversation #Pepsi’… They will, however, massively reward companies who actually solve social problems at scale..”

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Who We've Worked With

Who We've Worked With

What We Make

Design &

> Product Design

> Campaigns

> Tech Development

> Website Design

> Branding & Identity

> Infographic Design

> Motion Graphics

> Explainer videos

Research &

> Consumer Reports

> Trend Reports

> Ethics consulting

> Ethical partnerships

> Creative Concepting

> Bid & Grantwriting

> Workshops

> Public Speaking

1. Strategy

1. Our Consumer-Constituent report lets leaders understand what issues their consumers care about.

2. Once an issue is identified, we form coalition partnerships between corporate leaders and community leaders so corporations can make social campaigns in line with their consumers beliefs


Our proprietary design process is called research driven innovation. We build teams with our coalition partners and practice this process:

1. We pull from our backgrounds in neuroscience, systems engineering, and design to use a process called systems dynamics. With the expertise of coalition partners, we map the systemic issues consumers care about, then identify specific problems that require little intervention to address, but will have a systemic impact.


2. We then map the resources a company has that they can creatively use to address social issues at scale.

3. Finally, by pairing the opportunities identified in the first step and the resources identified in the second, we use iterative design to find ways to address the issues consumers care about at scale. These design interventions not only help large amounts of people and cause measurable impact, but also cause measurable profit.

3. Production

We then make sure these ideas are implemented in responsible and feasible ways, with the help of our coalition partners, producers, government partners, and whoever elses resources are needed.

Finally, we offer consumer sentiment measurement after the activation to make sure social needs have not only been met at scale, but so have the needs of our for-profit clients.